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Oscar Mike Appraisal Group

Semper Fidelis

     We provide residential and commercial appraisal services and legal and investment consulting services to satisfy any need.  


     Looking to buy a property cash and want to make sure you're making the right decision?  Shoot us an email.  


     Interested in diversifying a bit and try your hand at fix and flips or rentals?  Drop us a line.  


     You describe the situation, we can assist, my friends.  Click below for a more detailed list of services.

Oh, yeah.  And we have a mobile appraisal platform and a university.  Check those out, too.

The Team

     Our team is assembled from varied backgrounds that have come together to form a company that prides itself on serving with integrity, professionalism and accuracy... with a little fun..  

   The team has experience in the military, construction, finance, transportation, logistics, supply chain, sales, restaurant, the service industry, fitness, funeral services, and... more...oh yeah, real estate. 

     Not only are we appraisers but we are active real estate investors who have completed fix and flips, hold rental portfolios, and have been active in development.  


     Click below to get to know us a little better.


Oscar Mike Mobile Appraisals


Oscar Mike University

Service Area
All United States

Currently we offer full services directly with our company across in South Carolina and Colorado.

However, we offer limited services, directly with Oscar Mike Appraisal Group, LLC across the rest of the nation.


Lastly, we consult with all other major appraisal firms to complete any scope of work you may need.    


Click on the pic below to get you to one of the more interesting appraiser blogs...

Need more details? Contact us, please.

We are here to assist. Contact us by email through the tab to the right.

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