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Oscar Mike University


But, Why?

Oscar Mike University was created as a response to a few different situations that the appraisal industry is facing:


  • The volume of appraisers needs to increase to keep up with demand.

  • Overall appraiser education needs to be of a higher quality than current education on the market leading to more qualified appraisers in the field.

  • Appraiser education can be more interactive and and a student can earn better information retention by using technology and current education trends rather than relying on boring-ass lecture videos from the 70's.

We are different.  We pride ourselves on being different.  If you want to learn the practical side of appraising and retain information that you will actually need as a field appraiser, then learn with us.  I promise it won't be boring.


Yeah, that PAREA.


The Practical Applications of Real Estate Appraisal (PAREA) provides another pathway for aspiring appraisers to fulfill their experience requirements by taking advantage of innovative technology.  The Appraiser Qualifications Board created the program as an alternative to the traditional supervisor/trainee model for gaining appraisal experience.

The paragraph above are sentences taken directly from the The Appraisal Foundation website.  So, in other words, a student can gain the necessary experience requirements without ever having to search for a Supervisor.  Obviously, there are good ideas here and some that could backfire. 


Despite how the profession feels about PAREA, instead of bitching and moaning about it, I decided to create my own program that would guarantee a student would not only receive the necessary practical education needed to be off and running as a field appraiser at the end of the program, but also would expose them to a number of mentors.  This would assure that the student has a wide range of mentorship as opposed to other programs offering one mentor to one student (which really doesn't change anything but dilutes supervision even more).

In this program you will be in a community.  There are weekly live meetings, mentors you can contact for one-on-one sessions, and a forum with current students, alumni, and supervisors in which questions can be answered on the fly.

If you want to be bored to death for a year and end up with an appraisal license with no practical knowledge, use the other guys.  If you want to graduate with a built in network, a proper business plan, and knowledge that can assure you are ready to appraise confidently on day one, join the dream team. 

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