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About The Company
Oscar Mike Appraisal Group


     Oscar Mike Appraisal Group is an appraisal and consulting company that serves our customers with integrity and a work ethic that has been developed from one our nation's most respectable military branches, the United States Marine Corps.

     The company consists of individuals who have experience in many different fields and more formal education than most.  One of our biggest differentiators is that we understand all aspects of real estate from first time buyers to billion dollar investment portfolios.  We have all been first time home buyers and are active investors in rental properties and real estate development.  We can empathize and relate to any transaction, investment, or consulting need that one might bring to us for assistance.

The Dream Team
Paul Ryll.JPG
Paul Ryll
Certified Residential Appraiser / Owner

Rion Mimms
Appraiser Apprentice / Analyst

      So how does one write these biography things?  Am I supposed to relate to customers on a personal level and talk about my family, pets, and long walks on the beach?  Am I supposed to brag about myself and tell you how fantastic I am?  Or maybe I should just talk about Crossfit and the Keto Diet for an hour and a half...

     Here's what you need to know about me for consideration to hire our company:


     I am a former United States Marine who served for 8 years in different corners of the world.  I learned my integrity and work ethic from our United States Marine Corps which absolutely translates into my work.


     I have been appraising real estate for almost a decade now in both South Carolina and Virginia.  The reason for the year in Virginia is that I moved to Washington DC to earn my Master of Science of Real Estate and Infrastructure from Johns Hopkins University.  This experience and education translates into my work as well.

     I understand the processes of real estate transactions and the headaches that can emerge in dealing with these processes.  I can relate.  I remember buying my first house and the butterflies in my stomach that would not go away for weeks.  I remember buying my first rental and second guessing myself through the process to wonder if I had calculated the cash flow correctly.  I remember purchasing our first fix and flip and working on the house into the early hours of the weekend mornings, praying the the house would generate the profit that we expected.  Not only do I understand the numbers and processes of real estate transactions, I can empathize with the feelings and emotions that come with these transactions.

     So to recap:​

     My work ethic and integrity are second to none.

     I have more education in real estate, finance, and valuation than most other real estate appraisers and real estate consultants in the country.

     I understand the processes that you or your clients will be going through and can relate.

     I like long walks on the beach.


     I am first and foremost a Father and Husband.  My wife and I moved to Greenville about 6 years ago and have loved living in the Upstate.  We were fortunate enough to have a little girl born in July '16.  We are ecstatic with the area we live in and hope to be in the Upstate for a long time. 


     I've been working with Paul, off and on, for about 5 years now.  The main reason I've decided to go into business with him is Paul's integrity, I trust him.  I also think trust is the most important part of any Appraisal Report and Inspection.  You can always trust us to give you an honest valuation for every single report that we do.  With Oscar Mike, you're getting an honest appraisal with a personal touch. 


     I do not like long walks on the beach.  There's a reason I live 3 hours from the Ocean.  For all beach walking inquiries, please contact Paul. 

Messages Image(3927015574).png
Kenny Craft
Certified Residential Appraiser

     Even though I was born in Michigan and lived there until I was ten years old, I claim Kentucky as my original home.  I moved from Kentucky after I attended UK (Go CATS!).  My first job as a financial advisor gave me the freedom to move anywhere in the US and I picked Greenville off of a map and took the leap.  I love this area and hope to stay for a the long haul. 

     Moving to an area in which you know no one can be difficult.  Luckily, I moved in next door to Paul and got to see his work ethic and friendship firsthand before deciding to join the team a few years later.  Real estate valuation is intriguing to me because it is a perfect mix of data analysis and human opinion. 

     As for hobbies, I am an avid golfer, even though my score does not reflect the amount of time I spend playing.

     Walks on the beach are OK, as long as I can bring my dog Lexi along.

Oscar Mike Bio Pic.jpg
Zach Fay
Certified Residential Appraiser

      I'm the keto and Crossfit guy! Every company has at least one! My hobbies include eating nuts & seeds, flexing, and talking about my diet.


     Fortunately for you, I don't do Crossfit or keto. However, I did graduate from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. in Dietetics. I am a Registered Diet Technician, a Certified Dietary Manager, and have managed a gym for the past several years here in Greenville. 


     Once my girlfriend and I graduated from UK, we moved to Greenville and got engaged at Furman Tower! We got married in October of 2019 in our hometown of Cincinnati, and now live in our first home in Taylors, SC. 


     Becoming a homeowner really sparked my interest in real estate and the home buying process. After meeting Paul through my good friend Kenny (see bio above), I have been fortunate enough to have an outside perspective of Oscar Mike Appraisal Group. I've seen their work ethic and their passion to do things right and fair! This prompted me to pursue a career in real estate appraising. I'm extremely excited about growing and working with the team, and knowing that I am working with the best here in the Upstate! 


     P.S. If you also need any nutrition advice, I'm your guy. 

What's in a Name? (Shakespeare...For absolutely no reason...)

     One thing everyone asks me is "What's with the name?"  Oscar Mike is how one would say the letters "O" and "M" in the phonetic alphabet.  In military jargon or tactical speak, Oscar Mike means "On the Move."  On the Move is a good description of how our company operates.  We are always moving forward whether it is working hard to value assets for our customers, learning more about our chosen career field in conferences or educational settings, or generating more forward thinking and innovative ways to invest capital. 

Need more details? Contact us, Please.

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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